Whiskey Decanter Engraved LSA Islay

Mouth blown Whiskey Decanter Engraved LSA Islay. An elegant and exclusive whiskey decanter mouth blown by the master glassblowers at LSA. Heavy decanter with a wooden base. Both the decanter and the wooden base can be engraved. Perfect for Islay whiskys. Order today and soon your new engraved decanter will be on its way to you!

All glass products from LSA are handmade and produced from soda-lime glass - which unlike crystal is lead free. The ingredients are primarly made up soda ash, lime and sand. Creating this 'recipe' and scientifically mixing the ingredients in the correct proportions is a difficult and skilled task and it ensures that the color, texture, consistency and clarity of the finished piece is exactly as desired.

The mixture is heated up in a gas-fired kiln to several hundred degrees. Bubbles of air can occasionally get trapped within the molten glass during this process and these bubbles can sometimes be seen in the finished product - a normal and acceptable part of the process of making handmade and mouthblown glass.

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Brand LSA
Material Handmade glass
Size 10.4 x 5.3 oz
Capacity 33.8 oz
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