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The perfect gift for a champagne connoisseur!
Welcome to We are proud to help our customers create unique and personalized champagne sabering swords, which make perfect gifts for champagne lovers, weddings, birthdays and business celebrations.

Having sold and engraved thousands upon thousands champagne swords we're experts at both the product itself and the personalization process. We can engrave anything from text and names to logos and symbols, just contact us and we'll help you create your perfect champagne sword.

To select text engraving and test different fonts, simply go to the product page of any champagne saber and scroll down to the engraving selection, it's easy and intuitive.

We also offer a unique selection of personalized wedding gifts, so if you or the gift recipient in mind already have a sword we recommend that you have a look at the premium products in that category.

If you have any question about our products or personalization, don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy and eager to help!


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