How to saber a champagne bottle - 6 easy steps for sabering champagne like a pro!

To saber a champagne bottle is easier than you might think. Liven up the party with sabering, our 6 easy steps below will make you a pro in no time. Get ready to let the champagne flow!

  1. 1. The champagne bottle must be very well chilled. This is important as the risk of an unsuccessful sabering and a shattered bottle is significantly greater with a lukewarm bottle.

  2. 2. Remove the foil from the bottle neck. Leave the cage on for the time being.

  3. 3. Find the seam of the bottle. A regular champagne bottle has two seams running from the bottom to the top. The stroke will be made along one of the seams.

  4. 4. Hold the bottom of the bottle in one hand and the saber in the other. The bottle should be held so that it points upwards at an angle of about 45 degrees. Start by practicing the stroke, put the blade flat against the glass and slide the blade back & forth carefully along the seam of the bottle, from the bottom up towards the cork, to get the right feeling. The decisive stroke is made with the same movement, the blade is slid along the neck of the bottle and hits the seam by the cork, but faster and more firmly.

  5. 5. Remove the cage and get ready to saber the bottle. Perform the stroke as instructed in the previous step, firmly but not violently or too hard. The stroke should be “swung through” (just like in golf). Depending on the bottle and previous experience, it may take a few hits before the sabering is successful. After a failed attempt, repeat the same stroke until the sabering succeeds.

  6. 6. Success! Now the cork/neck of the bottle has been sabered, be ready with the champagne glasses.

NOTE 1: The sabered cut on the neck of bottle will be very sharp, watch your fingers and make sure that no one tries to drink directly from the sabered bottle.

NOTE 2: Pay attention to where you point the bottle when sabering, the sabered glass top/cork can fly 5-10 yards. If you are sabering indoors, we recommend that you tie a small string between the saber and the cork so that walls, doors, people and other things are not damaged or injured.

Which saber should you use?

Which type of saber to use is mostly a question of taste in design as all different types and sizes of sabers work equally well for the purpose, but you can make sabering extra fun with a personally engraved champagne saber. We have high-quality champagne sabers in all price ranges, a perfect gift for all festive occasions.

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