How to shop

1. Go to the product page for the item you want to purchase.

2. Scroll down to select engraving text.

3. Type your engraving text, select font and text size and you will see a preview of how the engraving will look on the product. Please note that the actual engraving text won't be red as shown on the preview, but the actual color that the engraving text will be on the specific item is stated just above the text fields where you type your engraving text.

Please also note the following:

- You have to stay within the red frame (the red frame won't be engraved itself).

- The engraving text will always be centered vertically and horizontally on the engraving space (the red frame) on the final product.

- Click on the heart to add a heart to that text line.

4. The engraving text is saved automatically.

5. When you are satisfied with your choices, click the "Add to cart"-button and proceed to the checkout. Before completing the order, please check your engraving text and choices one extra time in the checkout and make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that any dates are correct etc. When you have done so you're ready to complete the order.

Please note: if you should notice that something in the text is incorrect when you have already added an item with engraving to the cart, you need to remove the product from the cart, go back to the product page and start over with the engraving selection. The engraving of a product that's already in the cart can't be edited.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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