Usage and maintenance of Zippo lighters

Take good care of your personalized Zippo lighter, remember that your engraving truly makes it own of a kind.

Zippo-lighters need maintenance. Normal use of your Zippo-lighter requires you to do the following:

  • Fill it with fuel every 2-3 weeks

  • Change the flint once every 6-12 months or as needed

  • Change the wick once every 1-2 years or as needed

These accessories can be found in most kiosks and tobacco stores.

For information on usage and maintenance of your Zippo-lighter, please see the following instructional videos:

Zippo Instructional: Getting Started

Zippo Instructional: Filling or Refilling the Lighter

Zippo Instructional: Replacing the Flint

Zippo Instructional: Wick Maintenance / Installing a New Wick


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