Usage and maintenance of silver products

Silver is a very popular and elegant material for jewelry, accessories and a lot of other products. Silver is also a relatively soft material, especially compared to stainless steel, another metal that’s also popular for jewelry and consumer goods. This is important to keep in mind when using and storing silver items. Don’t let your silver product get into contact with hard surfaces or objects as it will scratch quite easily.

Silver also requires regular maintenance to keep its color and shine. Silver oxidates with time (it gets darker) which is a chemical reaction with oxygen (that’s in the air we breathe), sulfur, sweat and substances/chemicals found in for example skincare lotions. This is also something to keep in mind when using and wearing silver items, but with proper maintenance will keep shiny and beautiful for as long as you keep doing it.


All silver items should be handled with care. When they are not being used they should be stored in clean cloths or in a jewelry box, well separated from other items that can scratch the surface of your silver item. Regarding silver jewelry and accessories, we don’t recommend that you don’t wear them while wash your hands, take a shower, during cleaning, washing dishes, sleeping, working out or performing other physical activities. We also recommend that you make sure that your silver item doesn’t get into contact with perfumes, hair spray or lotions. Also note that some medications, as well as during warmer periods, can make you sweat more, and then the acid that your body secretes affect the silver and make it oxidate faster than usual. For some people (although very few), this means that they shouldn’t wear silver items at all, or at least not all year around. For those affected it's recommended to wear jewelry and accessories made of other metals like stainless steel, titanium or gold.

Maintenance and cleaning

Remove minor discolorations and fingerprints by letting your silver item lie in a glass half filled with water and a bit of liquid soap for 2-3 minutes. Afterwards rinse the item and make sure to wipe and dry it properly. Also clean your silver item with silver polish and a cloth regularly. Silver polish and cloths can be found in most jewelry stores. Keep in mind that it’s better to buy silver polish of a well known brand as the cheaper versions sometimes can scratch silver items. Read the instructions on the silver polish. The silver polish contains substances that protects the surface and delays new oxidation.


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