Maintenance of Skultuna products

With proper care, your Skultuna product will last for many generations to come.

Brass corrodes, which protects the metal and extends its life. On the inside of, for example, vases and pots, this irritation is desirable and should not be removed. However, it is important to keep the outside dry to avoid stains. Get in the habit of always wiping the surface thoroughly after, for example, watering to counteract this.

Skultuna's products are manufactured in pure brass without surface treatment unless otherwise stated.

Otherwise, it is a matter of taste whether you wish to polish the product or not, unpolished, the brass will darken over time and there may also be stains from moisture or fingerprints. If you wish to keep the high-gloss surface, the brass must be polished regularly. We recommend a gentle cleaning agent that does not contain abrasives, for example Skultuna Care Set.

Glanol is applied with a dry cloth, if there are a lot of stains, you can let the agent work a little before you start polishing the surface. Continue this until the agent is completely gone and the surface is nice and shiny again. Use a very small amount at a time, too much at once will remove the sanding effect.

For polished brass, we do not recommend water-soluble polishes as the water can leave stains on the surface if you do not dry very carefully.

For our treated products, we recommend the following:

Gilded brass - Wipe with a damp cloth, if necessary you can polish with car wax to increase the shine, for example Turtle wax.

Silver plated brass – Silver naturally darkens over time and needs to be polished regularly. Wipe off with a damp cloth or silver polishing cloth, if necessary polish with a gentle polishing agent, we recommend Skultuna Care Set.

Brushed brass – Polish like shiny brass, we recommend Skultuna Care Set.

Etched brass – Polish as usual with a dry soft polishing cloth, if the polishing agent gets stuck in the small holes, then take the polishing cloth and press gently from both sides to remove. We recommend Skultuna Care Set.

Regardless of treatment or surface, Skultuna's products must never be machine washed. Also avoid housewife tips such as ketchup and the like, which can damage the surface and leave severe stains.

With the right care, your brass product from Skultuna will last for many generations to come.


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