Personalized Champagne Sabers - Fast & Free Shipping (US)

A champagne saber, sometimes called a champagne sword, is a saber that is used for sabering champagne bottles. We offer the best champagne sabers on the market and you can choose to have your saber personalized with engraving - a wonderful gift for the sommelier or champagne lover!

The art of sabering champagne came about in France during the 19th century. The soldiers in Napoleon's army had sabers for weapons and would during battle victory celebrations use them to open champagne bottles.

Napoleon actually said; "Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it." which now is a popular text to engrave on sabers.

The phenomena of sabering has recently become very popular again and the saber will help you celebrate birthdays, weddings or any other achievement that requires champagne. Nowadays the champagne saber is made sabering, not for battle, thus the blade is blunt. A sharp blade is not needed since it's the strike and impact that matters.

Here you'll find the most stylish and popular champagne sabres currently being used in the United States! Add personalized engraving to create amazing gifts or a champagne sabre uniquely for yourself. Order today! Free shipping on all champagne sabers! 2-3 working days delivery time on all orders, even with engraving!