Sabrage - How to saber champagne bottles

It's actually quite easy to saber champagne bottles. Sabrage is straight forward and doesn't take long time to learn and our champagne sabers are perfect for the task.

Read our quick guide below and soon you can show off your new champagne sabering skills at your next party!

1. The champagne bottle has to be well-chilled. This step is important since a lukewarm bottle will end up in shattered glass. Don't end up a sabrage fail video on Youtube!

2. Remove all foil from the bottles neck. Leave the cage on for now.

3. Find the seam on the bottle. A regular champagne bottle has two seams that runs from top to bottom. The strike should later be made along one of the seams.

4. Hold the bottle with one hand and the saber with your other hand. The bottled should be held pointing upward in an approximately 45 degree angle. Start by practicing a bit, carefully sliding the sabers blade along the seam up the bottle neck to get the right feel. The final strike will be made in a similar fashion, sliding the blade along the bottle neck, hitting the seam of the cork, but it will be made faster and with decisiveness.

5. Now remove the cage around the cork and prepare for the real strike. Strike according to the instructions in the last step, a firm, but not violent, strike. Make a straight strike, don't strike in a curve. Depending on both the bottle and your previous experience, it might take a few strike before the sabrage is sucessful. After any unsuccessful strike, slide the blade back and repeat the strike again.

6. Success! The top of the bottle has been sabered, be ready to pour up the champagne glasses! The clean cut on the bottle will be very sharp, don't touch it and never try drinking straight from the bottle.

Caution: Be careful and consider where you point the bottle. The top can fly as far as 16-33 ft in high speed. If you perform your sabrage indoors it is recommended to attach a string between the saber and the top of the bottle so it doesn't cause any damage to walls, doors or people.

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