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History of Champagne Sabers and Sabering

Champagne Sabering

Champagne SaberingChampagne sabering or also known as sabrage is a romantic twist of opening a bottle of champagne. It is exquisite, elegant and very impressive indeed when the bartender uses the champagne sword and cuts the lips of such good bottle’s wine. The exact date was in the middle of 1789 whereas the great Napoleon Bonaparte takes over France. For several years he and his brave men called Hussars (horsemen cavalries) across the European continent. The hussars together with their leader Napoleon seems to be invincible with their sabers mounted on fast horses. They also armed themselves with artilleries for long distance range attacks and with their brass hilted sabers for melee attacks. These brave young men are ready to sacrifice themselves and offer their last breath to Napoleon. These men are legions and if you hit one of them, the whole legion will fight you back.

How the term saber came into Existence

Sabre or saber is a backsword incurved with a single edge blade. It is designed for melee attacks and special surprise attacks in mounted horses. But now, champagne sabers and champagne swords these days are intended to cut the tip of the bottle for the art of sabrage. The sword is based on the medieval type of single edge weapon as for thrusting and slashing. This type of sword became very popular for light cavalry fighters. It also becomes a fashionable weapon for senior officers to wear during the 1800s. As of today, champagne saber or champagne sword is now used for sabering and can be also a great collector’s item.

History of Champagne Sabers

During victories, they celebrated and drinks champagnes. They are fearless cavalry soldiers but there is one problem when drinking champagnes and celebrating their triumphs. They got no corkscrew to unwire the bottle. The solution – they use their primary weapon the saber and cuts the tip of the bottle and enjoy such delicious beverage. Of course, they also drink the good wine even when defeats. Yes, it is a good way to reflect and think of new strategies and drink up.

How the Art of Sabering Champagne Started

The art of sabrage became popular when Napoleon together with his brave men visits aristocrats all over Europe. There was a time where the aristocrats serve Napoleon and his cavalries with champagne. Oh, it’s a good old day for these men so they use their sabers and cut the lips of the bottle. Lots of aristocrats were amazed about such way to uncork the bottle easy and swiftly.

Twist of the Story

There’s another story how sabrage was popularized and this is quite romantic. The wealthy daughter of an aristocrat family named as Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin was in her teen years probably 18 met Napoleon. To impress such gorgeous young woman, Napoleon made his first winks to the lady by executing the art of sabrage himself. However, she married Francois Clicquot which make her Madam Clicquot when she was 21. Regardless of the twisted story, the art of sabering is used today for the climax of the occasion.

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