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Unlike the typical wines whether it is a white or red one, champagne is a bit different from these types of wines. Yet, champagne is considered as the premium wine. Keep in mind that there are big difference between a champagne and the so called bubbly wine. So, why such premium wine got bubbles? Just like your sodas and beers, champagne has a lot of bubbles to produce especially when pouring.

Champagne Bubbles

Not A Secret

Bubble is not a secret when it comes to science. It has a simple explanation that everyone and anyone can simply appreciate this fact. When you pop up a champagne cork, the chemicals from the inside including the yeasts ferment sugars and carbon dioxide reacts. And yes, your sodas and beers has carbon dioxide gas as well and this is why you see a lot of bubbles. The carbon dioxide gas in other term is called the spirit inside the glass which is even today, many would use such term which is somehow a little bit scary but funny.


These tiny bids of rising gives the good wine sparkle above the surface of the beverage. The concentration of the carbon dioxide decreases in the champagne once it was exposed to the air. The distance of the bubbles can suddenly change overtime, and this is why you may observe that the numbers of bubbles has a different rates each time you sip the champagne flute.

Tiny Sparkles in Champagne

How Many Bubbles Are In There Per Glass Of Wine

Approximately, there are about over than 9.8 Millions of bubbles in each champagne flute as you serve. The bubbles will of course vary depending on the carbon dioxide preserved inside the bottle. There are about over than 69 Millions of bubble per millilitre according to the Beekmanwine and from there, bubbles can range from 49 million of bubbles in a 750 millilitre bottle.

So How Many Are They Really?

There was a project between 1986 – 1989 where camera based computer linked with artificial version system to record the bubble’s releases. It was approximately recorded that there were about over than 50 million bubbles. As the technology continue to arise and the HD was developing, in the year 2001 the numbers of bubbles were calculated again and this time it is more accurate that has about over than 56 million bubbles.


Not all bubbles are created equal in sizes, some will pop up immediately while others would stay longer than a minute or even longer. This affect the length of time when counting the numbers of bubbles. But the temperature has an effect when it comes to the number of bubbles that are producing. The cooler the cellar would be, the smaller the bubbles but the greater in numbers. Chilled champagne is essential to preserve the quality and taste.

Champagne Bubbles

  • Whether you care or not about the numbers of bubbles produced by  champagne, one thing is for sure and that is you are going to love every sip of such a good wine.