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So, you attended this particular event and you saw a fella waving a sword. Now you see there’s a bottle of champagne in front of him and you know that this is going to be an awesome part of the occasion. Here comes the fella measuring the bottle of champagne and as he holds it with a towel, he slides his sword and the lip together with the cork of the champagne flew away. The most wonderful part of the story is when you see the bubble flowing down and the waters gave you a glass of champagne.

Champagne Sabering

sabering champagne

Sabering champagne or sabrage was originally popularized by the cavalry horsemen of the great Napoleon Bonaparte. As soon as the French revolution was finally over, he visited several aristocrats in most part of the Europe together with his brave men. But there are more than just a story behind it. In fact, there is a romantic twist involved in this part of an event and it all starts with Madame Clicquot. A gorgeous young widow is supposed to inherit her husband’s luxuries together with the champagne house when she was only 27.

Bonaparte took power in France as these young soldiers rode home after the victory. It was said that these men are the toughest is Napoleon’s ultimate weapon to victory. Whenever they win the battle, they celebrate and drinks champagne. No corkscrew to be found on the battlefield and a good way to uncork the bottle is by using their primary weapon - the saber. The young Madame used to serve Napoleon together with some of his bravest men bottles of champagne. The horsemen are hoping to catch the eye of this wealthy window as they get their sabers and cut the lip of the bottle which is also known today as champagne sabering.

21st Century

Today, as we look back to history, there are some events people will appreciate and that is the goodness of the taste of the champagne and how wonderful it is to watch a fella performing the art. You see them as they make the impression and have a little twist of the celebration. Somehow, it becomes the highlight of the event and there are so many restaurants, wine places, and other sleek dining platforms are performing sabrage to entertain their customers and guests. Also, champagne saber becomes a collector item by many wines and champagne enthusiast appreciating the history, the craftsmanship of the sword and its overall sleekness.

How to Learn Sabrage

champagne sabering

The technique is not about how much force you are going to use in cutting the lip of the bottle. The secret is actually from the inside. Its chemical reaction does the perfection. Guys who saber champagne will unwire the bottle, look for the seam of the bottle where he is going to slid the saber and pushes the sword away. Ordinary knives like the butcher's knife or kitchen knife are not ideal when cutting the lip. It is highly recommended to use champagne saber rather than your typical knives you see in your kitchen.