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Basically, there are two types of champagnes you can buy at your favorite liquor store both offline and online. One is the non-vintage champagne which is less expensive and the other one is the vintage champagne. Obviously, it is pricey compared with the non-vintage type of champagne. So why it is more expensive? - The reason behind this is because of the process and the grapes which are only harvested once a year in a certain season. While non-vintage are the grapes which are harvested anytime of the year. The vintage ones must be kept in cellars for about three years or so before the sedimentation process.

 Best Present For The Best Occasion

Premium vintage champagne is ideal for birthdays and special occasion as present. Besides, who can resist a sweet drink such as this? The recipient will certainly appreciate the present that he or she will cherish. It is a perfect gift and a perfect drink for celebrating important milestone. This can be a perfect way to say thank you for your previous clients for entrepreneurs like you. Don’t be surprised when they call you or inquire another project though. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. You can also gift your loyal subordinates especially when they did a very good job when it comes to work. This little gratitude can be so much to them.

Vintage Champagne

For Popping Up The Question

What a perfect way to ask for wedding proposal. You may use an element of surprise when popping up the question. The technique is a little bit old but it still works these days. You can put the ring inside the champagne flute before the good wine is poured, or you can ask the waiter of presenting the engagement ring as soon as the vintage champagne will be served. You can also try the things you have in mind.

 For Holidays

The Holiday season is meant for families. You can gift your relatives and friends with this amazing champagne. Of course, you have to keep two or at least three for you and your family to celebrate with. You can wrap the champagnes to add a bit of excitement. They may presume that it is a kind of liquor, but wait until you unwrap the gift. It is certain that this gift would be one of the best gift they ever received during the season.

 For Weddings And Anniversaries

Champagne is indeed always present in any types of celebration, but what is a wedding without a vintage champagne? It is actually the highlight reel of the occasion next to the kissing part. All in all, it is also ideal for gift for the couple as you wish them all the best. During anniversaries, instead of going to fancy restaurants, a practical way of celebrating the occasion would be dinner at home with a bottle of vintage champagne. Anniversaries can be celebrated in the simplest form of celebration and it does not have to be sophisticated.