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You probably witnessed sabering plenty of times and it seems like there is a magic trick behind it. Somehow, you may think that only a professional master saber “sommeliers” can do so. However, anyone can pull off the lip of the bottle together with the cork and perform such an art. All you need is to understand the principle behind it and quite frankly, the real trick is what happens inside the bottle.

Pick The Weapon Of Your Choice

Performing sabrage requires two things, one you need a champagne (of course) or bubbly wine when you practice, secondly, you need a champagne saber. Yes, it requires the right tool in order to perform this art perfectly. You may encounter some blogs or articles that may suggest using a regular kitchen knife. However, keep in mind that a kitchen knife is intended for cutting meat.

It does make sense to use champagne saber since it is intended to pull off the lip. Moreover, using a champagne saber or champagne sword is safe and there is no risk getting yourself injured. The rule of thumb - always use champagne saber or sword when regardless whether you are practicing or performing.

Champagne saber is designed for performing sabrage. Even though how intimidating the saber is, it is the safest tool. Why so, it is because sabrage does not require sharp edges. In fact, when you look closer, you’ll see that the blade is blunt for its purpose.

champagne saber

Getting Ready

The bottle should be chilled, but keep in mind not to over chill it. As mentioned the trick here is not the swing and there is no such thing as a proper stance when doing so. Chilled champagne is what you need to have enough pressure from inside. Get things ready by wiping the bottle with a table napkin. This ensures preventing the bottle from slipping. You don’t want to waste such good wine, do you? Hence, never overlooked or disregard this step when getting things ready.

saber champagne

The Place

Next to consider is the place where you are going to perform sabrage. For practice, it is preferable to use your backyard where no one would be hit. When performing, make sure to point the bottle safe where there will be no potential accidents.

The Bottle

Now, going back to the bottle, you need to remove the foil and the wire support.In some cases, the cork pops up which makes such epic fail. Therefore,  when doing so, it is highly recommended to put your thumb on the cork as you remove the wire. Then it is time to locate the seam of the bottle up to the lip. The bottle seam is the weakest part of the bottle and this is where you are going to follow this line as you slide the blade from the neck to the lip.


It does not require you to execute much force when sliding the blade. In fact, too much force may get yourself injured and the champagne saber has the possibility to bounce off. Perfecting the art may take some time and it requires practice.