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If you are proud as one of the many champagne collectors and champagne drinking community, you probably know already the many stories behind such the good wine. But, you will not be considered as a champagne enthusiast if you didn’t even know what the heck is Sabrage or where it was originated. Sabrage or champagne sabering as the name it implies is cutting the bottle with the use of saber or sword. The technique is by sliding the blade to the lip that helps the reaction from inside to pops up together with the lip of the bottle. So what’s the story behind such excellent way of uncorking the champagne? It all comes back during the Napoleonic era.

During The War

Back in 1803, the great Napoleon Bonaparte together with his men called the Hussars used to celebrate and drinks wine when they celebrate their victories and sometimes they also have a little drink during their defeats.  Hussars are brave cavalries of Napoleon and they are known by many as Napoleon’s last card in battle. Whenever his footmen fall back, these brave horse mounted men will go forward to counter the attack of their enemies. Their primary weapon is the saber which is designed for melee attacks. Since they are in the bottle, no one would ever care to bring a corkscrew.  So these men improvised by using their saber to cut the bottle and this is where the art of sabrage was born.

After The French Revolution

After 12 years of global conflicts, Napoleon together with his men, the hussars decided to visit aristocrats in most part of Europe. Aristocrats honored such leader and they serve the good wines. This is where Sabrage became famous. Most of these aristocrats were impressed on how the hussars uncork the bottles using their sabers. Today, you can witness champagne sabering at weddings, fancy banquets, and other occasions.

The Saber

champagne saber

Today, you don’t need to be an official member of hussars in order for you to execute the art. By simply using the proper tool including saber champagne and of course champagne, you can impress everyone. You can find lots of champagne sabers or swords at champagne/wine shops from traditional stores to online stores. This time, the blade is no longer intended for thrusting or even cutting meats or whatsoever as a weapon. In fact, you can’t cut anything using this kind of sabers nowadays. It is because the art does not require sharp edges blades. If you are going to have a closer look, you will see that these blades are blunt. This means that it is safe to use and you don’t have to worry about anything cutting yourself off.

How To Execute?

If you are interested in learning on how sabering champagne works, the first thing that you should know that it is not the force you are going to apply but the reaction from inside. Make sure to use champagne saber and not your ordinary kitchen knife. In case that it didn’t work, remember that there is always next time.