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As pricey a champagne saber or sword seems, champagne and wine enthusiast loves these authentic items. What’s so exciting about using a champagne sword or saber when it comes to sabering is the fact that you can always look back in time. So, why the use of champagne sword/saber is important when executing sabrage?



The saber is important when executing sabrage because of its purpose. It is designed uniquely to execute the art. It is not recommended to use your ordinary kitchen knife when sabering. First, you must understand that kitchen knife is intended for cutting meat and not for the purpose of cutting glasses.  Consider using your car key opening a can goods. It is possible yes? But, it takes you a lot of time and there is a chance that you will get wounded afterwards. The key designed for the purpose of igniting the car’s engine. The best way of opening can good is by using a can opener. The same principle goes when it comes to sabering. Using an ordinary kitchen knife is good, but will be drawbacks.


champagne saber

Back in the old days, sabers and swords are intended for thrusting. But the champagne sabers or swords are way too different. Though it looks very intimidating, you can be fooled by their looks. When you look closer to the blade, you will notice that the blade is blunt. This is because the blade is designed for cutting the bottle or the glass. The blade has not sharp edges because the art does not necessarily need a sharp blade. The secret is what is happening from the inside of the bottle and the blade is designed to cut the lip of the bottle.

Collection Item

Most wine and champagne enthusiast loves to collect these items. It gives them the sense of satisfaction in life whenever they see that they have a bunch of champagne sword or champagne saber at home. Anyone and everyone will be amazed on how in the world did you get these awesome items. In addition, it can be personalized with laser engraving technology. If you want to have your collection a personal touch, you can go wrong with laser engraving.


Remember that sabrage is an art and it should be performed well. It makes you look so ridiculous when you use a regular kitchen knife. The audiences might just laugh at you and they may even become objective of the crazy thing you are going to do since it is unsafe. It is like painting using a toothbrush and not a paintbrush. It is like dancing a ballet while the background music is hip-hop. (can’t blame Simon Cowell if he buzzed you out from AGT).  Crazy as it sounds, you are putting some risk factors when sabering. For instance, what if the knife slipped from your hand? This can be a terrible situation on your part. But in case you are holding champagne saber or sword and in case this happens, you know that it won’t wound someone.