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Champagne is indeed the highlight of celebration and an occasion would never be the same without it. Often you see uncorking the bottle of champagne by either using a corkscrew or pulling the cork a bit and with a little shake as you see millions of bubbles flows out. There is another way to do so and it is unique. By using a champagne sword or a champagne saber can be very exciting. Though it is a unique way of uncorking the bottle, it has existed for a long time. In fact, it started from the war back in the time of the great Napoleon Bonaparte.

Curved Swords

Sabers and swords are the primary weapons of those days. It is a deadly melee attack and these swordsmen are willing to kill and to be killed. The hussars Napoleon’s great horsemen are fully equipped with these curved swords which are specially designed for the men mounted with horses. During the battle, there would be victories and defeat. One way to celebrate triumph is by having a drink of such good wine.

 champagne sword


These men need to improvise on how they would perfectly uncork the bottle of champagne without using the cork. This is where the art of sabrage or sabering was born. They would simply slide their weapon as the lip together with the cork flies. The art had been performed ever since Napoleon together with his great soldiers of battle visited the European part.

Champagne Swords / Sabers

Unlike those days, sabers were meant for stabbing and slashing, champagne sabers or swords are now manufactured by many for searing. As you look closer to the blade, you can see that it is blunt where you can’t see any kind of sharp edges or whatsoever. The reason behind sabring is what really happening inside the bottle. Though it may look simple, it may require you some practice to execute it perfectly. Oh, by the way, keep in mind that it is recommended to only use the champagne sword or champagne saber when practicing or performing this art. Your ordinary kitchen knife would not work and may injure you.


Sabering is unique because of the fact that it is part of the world history. In addition, most consider this as an art rather than performance. Whenever you see a champagne sword or someone who does the sabering, you know the fact that there is a story behind it. Precision with the right stance and the right amount of force will be needed to perfect this art. This is why sabering is unique and whenever it is perfected, the audiences will certainly be standing in awe of amazement.

Buying Champagne Saber

You can find champagne saber/s via online. The cool thing about this is that you can include your personal touch with laser engraving. There are wide varieties of authentically designed and crafted champagne sabers made from the finest manufacturers. Most avid champagne lovers collect these majestic pieces of art which can be very fulfilling.