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All your friends, relatives, co-workers and visitors are all excited for your big day. Of course, the host and the hostess are not the only ones who are overwhelmed and nervous about the event. You are also nervous and you want all the necessary things to be done accordingly and perfectly. Yet, of course, there is no such thing as a perfect wedding.

But, there is a perfect bride and a perfect groom. In the reception, you want everyone to be still excited just like the same on the aisle.Not all really want to have a very decent reception. In fact, most people would love to jump up and go crazy and party around in this kind of occasion. Oh, the way, you can start the party as soon as you do the honor of sabering the champagne.

saber champagne

Why Sabering  A Bottle Of Champagne For The Wedding?

Sabering is one of the most exciting parts of any occasion whether it is just a simple party, a wedding, anniversary or a job promotion perhaps. It does not only does the symbol of triumph making the occasion special, but it is the grandiose way of impressing the audience and at the same time, it signifies telling everyone to have a good time.

Sabrage Or Sabering

The practice can be traced not so long ago, but it is somewhat connected to the history. Originally, sabering or sabrage is not performed as an art, but the soldiers back then are just becoming resourceful when it comes to opening a bottle of champagne. Since, bringing a champagne cork is not necessary during battle, the only way they can uncork the champagne is by using their weapons which is the saber. As years go by, it became popular not just in the European region but in all parts of the world.


The art of sabrage is not just about the saber but the technique. It is not how sharp the edge of the blade, but how do you execute the pressure pushing the lip of the bottle and letting it glide as the bubbles flow. In fact, champagne sabers these days are blunt, meaning, there are no sharp edges at all. Yet, the authenticity of the design and how it is crafted are truly magnificent.

Perfect Time To Execute The Art

You can perform champagne sabering at any point of the reception. Whether you like it at the start, in the middle of the event as the highlight, or probably at the end. Indeed, it is a very entertaining event that anyone and everyone can enjoy. You as the groom has the privilege to do so. Or you can allow your best man to do the honor. Make sure you both practice at home by the way.

champagne saber


Of course, you don’t want to spoil a good wine back at home during the practice. The good thing is, you can try sparkling wine just make sure to chill the bottle properly. Also, make sure to use a champagne saber or champagne sword only and not your usual kitchen knife.

If it seems complicated both of your schedules, you can request the chef or the crew to perform this art. You can do this before you do the toss or a simple speech. This can add a little bit of excitement and twist to the event.