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Celebrating an occasion will never be the same without pouring champagne to each and everyone’s flute. In fact, regardless of the occasion, champagne is the highlight of the event. It is the world's finest beverages as they always say. However, if such great wine does not pour or served properly, it loses its distinctive taste. So, what are the best way to preserve its taste? Let’s find out below.


The best way to serve champagne and to drink it is when it is cold. Yet, keep in mind that there is a big difference between cold and ice cold. Some people in a hurry would like to put champagne in the freezer in order to fasten its cold temperature. This is terribly wrong which may destroy the taste as soon it was served. It is better to wait than never. It is highly recommended to place the bottle in the fridge or better yet, submerge the bottle inside the bucket wine with plenty of ice.

Champagne Flute

While waiting for your champagne to chill, you should prepare the flutes. Experts say that using a tulip glass is better. Prepare the flutes by cleaning them tea towel or linen napkin. This will remove dust and watery mark. In this case, milk would be your worst nightmare. Therefore, when washing the flutes, make sure that they are not included from milky substances.

Preparing The Bottle

After an hour or so, it is time for you to prepare the bottle of champagne. First, is to get the tea towel and polish the bottle. When opening the bottle of champagne, first, is to remove the foil then the ware cage around the foil. It is wise to keep your thumb on the cork to support it while removing the wire. There are two ways on how to open the bottle. One is by gently twisting the cork from the bottle. After a few pull of the cork, you’ll see the cork will pop up. Keep in mind to place the bottle where no one will get hurt.


Secondly, is by removing the lip of the bottle together with the cork with the use of a champagne saber. Sabrage or sabering is a classical and extravagant process when popping up the cork. This is done by professionals and the only way to do so is by using the right tool like a champagne sword or champagne saber. There are techniques behind this art, but it is not as complicated as it looks. All in all, you can perfectly execute this technique through practice.

Placing The Flute

The crown may be astonished when executing sabering or sabrage. But the highlight reel is not the technique but the drinking. When pouring a glass of champagne, make sure to ask someone to hold the glass for you in a few seconds. It is wise to pour the bottle with two hands, one is holding the bottom of the bottle and the second one is supporting the weight from the neck.