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Your champagne sword or champagne sabre is an impressive tool for sabering and it never fails to impress someone as professionals execute the art of sabrage. But this awesome tool can make your coworkers and neighbors envy you if you have an entire collection of it displayed in your living room together with your collection of wines and champagnes. Yet, no matter how elegant they are, you should consider cleaning them often in order to maintain their majestic looks. 

Champagne Saber

Sword Cleaning Kit

You need a sword cleaning kit which enables your champagne swords to look as new. There are sites and online shops where you can find cleaning sword kit but believe it or not, you can find these cleaning tools already at your garage. You need oil, soft paper towel, white lint-free cloth and a place mat or newspaper. The sewing machine oil is the most recommended cleaning oil for swords whatever kind of sword you have. First, wipe the blade with your soft lint free paper towel. This will remove dust and other small particles. Make sure that the blade is clean and dry before oiling. You don’t need to be too careful as you get rid of the dust since champagne sabre’s blade is blunt.


Now, it is time for you add a little oil at the cleaning cloth. Just some small droplet of oil will do and give your champagne sword a slight gleam. Keep in mind not to apply to much oil to the blade otherwise, you are inviting more moisture and dust trapping molds that can affect the quality of the blade. Just a small amount of oil will do in a very light coating. Cleaning your sword should be repeated on a monthly basis. However, this depends on your climate and humidity in your area.

Cleaning kit by the Japanese

Champagne Saber Cleaning kit

If you watch too many movies, there is a chance that you get to bump into samurai stories where you can see a swordsman cleaning his sword with some fancy tools. This Japanese cleaning tool for swords is a traditional cleaning kit by the Japanese intended for Katanas and blades. When you go online and look for such traditional cleaning kit you will find A plastic tub, Oil, Mekuginuki (some kind of a small hammer for blade adjustment), rice paper, the powder ball and a piece of a plank called Balsa with some traditional engraved Japanese characters.

Blade protection

Protecting the blade is your priority if you want to keep your champagne swords look good. Consider using renaissance wax to preserve the swords and protects the blade from rust and other particles that can destroy the quality of the blade. This wax is popular for sword collectors but it is a bit expensive. But, it is a good investment preserving your swords collection in the long run.

After Sabering

Champangne Saber Wooden Box

After sabering a bottle of champagne, you might be overwhelmed because of the occasion. There is nothing wrong with it, but, bear in mind to put back the champagne sword where it came from.