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It’s St. Patrick’s day and it seems like you and your family are going elsewhere to celebrate the occasion. Though you are not from Ireland or not related to them or whatsoever, you want to make sure that it is going to be a very good occasion for you, your friends, family or relatives. You might be thinking of what kind of gift you want to give them. Whatever the occasion is, in order to make people remember you, the gift you are going to give them must be unique and has its sentimental value.

Best Unique Gift

If are planning gifting a person that is a champagne or wine enthusiast, you can never go wrong with a champagne saber or champagne sword. It is certain that you are going to put a smile on his or her face when doing so. What is really unique about this piece of stuff is its artistry. Such weapon has been developed decades ago and was perfected due to the process of time. If you want a personal touch, you can always look for personalized engraving where you can put your name, date or probably a simple message to your loved ones.

Cheap Yet Elegant

champagne saber

If you are out of budget but still you want to make the first impression, you can choose the Laguiole La Roque. The price is only $85.00 which can be delivered to you at your very doorsteps. It is a very popular champagne saber with affordable price. Its design is authentic together with its wooden box. Though it may be simple as it seems, it can put any other pricey champagne swords or sabers to shame when it comes to its precision.

A Fine Collection

In case that you are a champagne collector yourself and you are looking for a unique fine collection, you may want to give the Berkel Corno di Bufalo a try. It is beautiful with its smooth blade and its handle which is made in Maniago a small town in eastern Italy. The handle is an authentic buffalo horn with high polished great to hold. It is indeed a robust saber perfectly developed for champagne sabering or sabrage. For only $530.00 you can have this masterpiece. Aside from the sword, you are also going to get its wooden stand that is perfectly crafted to make it more fascinating.

Classy Elegant

champagne saber

If you want a little bit classy and elegant, the Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze fits for any occasion. This would make the person who is going to receive this gift speechless because of how elegant this champagne saber looks. Its handle is made from authentic bronze and its blade is made from soft iron and hard metal which is intended for precision. As you hold it, you are going to feel the sensation of royalty with a very affordable price of $180.00. It will be delivered to you with a wooden stand and wooden box perfect for display and sabering.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these great unique champagne saber today.