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It is graduation day, and you are thinking of something unique you can give to your son. You probably think about a sports car, yet, you have a long way to go. Keep in mind that what really matters is the thought rather than the thing you are about to give. All in all, you can never go wrong that has a personal touch which can be a reminder of what he accomplished and you are proud of it.

Get Personalized

One thing that you and your son could be proud of is by gifting him something unique yet not as pricey as a sports car. You can always consider of giving him a personalized champagne saber or a champagne sword with your family’s last name together with the date when he graduated his College course. So, what champagne saber is all about? If you know your history and you know something about wine, then you will definitely go to love this giving to your son

Like Passing The Baton

It is like passing the baton to your child which eventually becomes a man. Reaching his dreams would not be possible without your efforts and of course your encouragement towards with his dreams. He truly deserves this kind of stuff which can be displayed to his apartment or condo unit when he starts working to the big city. This could be a reminder that he can always go home not just in time of need, but also in the time of triumph and occasion. During the holiday season, for example, he might be thought to celebrate the occasion to someone else, yet, when seeing this hanging somewhere to his bedroom, it will be a reminder to always come back home.

What Makes A Champagne Sword Very Special

You may think that this is just a mimic of sabers back then during the era of Napoleon. Yes, it is true but there is more than that when it comes to the history. Champagne sabering or sabrage has a long history which connects to this event. Those days after the French Revolution, Napoleon was known for his cunning strategies winning wars after wars and battles during his era. Little you did not know, they also carry champagne and wines with them. The problem is, no one ever thinks to bring a champagne cork with them to unbottle the wines. Lucky, his men are very resourceful and this is where champagne sabering was born. The art made famous when they visited aristocrats and let his men do this trick.

Where Can I Find Champagne Sabers?

You can easily do so by taking the advantage of the web. In here, there are many majestic sabers that can choose from. You don’t have to worry about a thing since these blades are actually blunt. Why did you ask? It is because the art does not need sharp edges to make the lip and the cork fly away.Learning sabrage can be exciting which will be your chance to have a time of your life with your child becoming a man.