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You might found some articles that indicates that you don’t need a champagne saber or a champagne sword to execute the art of sabering.

Quite frankly, the secret of success of cutting the lip of the bottle smoothly is not based on the force you are going to use when sliding the blade. Instead, the trick here is pretty much simple and that is what is really happening from the inside of the bottle. Yet again, would you prefer to screw using a knife rather than a screw driver? Of course, it is easy and less risky of using the right kind of tool. The same principle goes when it comes to sabering, you can use a typical knife but be very careful to do so, or, you can use a champagne sword which is specially designed to do the trick.

Champagne Swords And Sabers


There are wide varieties of choices when checking these awesome pieces of stuff online. Whether, you are out of budget or not, you can always find the kind of saber that suits you. Yet again, you have to keep in mind that not all of them are created equal and there are some sabers or swords you can find both offline or online which are poor in quality. The good news is, there are champagne swords and sabers which are budget friendly and have the authenticity when it comes to the overall design, materials and crafting. You want a champagne saber or sword that are going to help you to get the sabering done nice and smoothly. Moreover, you want a saber that can leave the audiences stand and owe about its magnificent beauty. It should be durable, balanced and at the same time, it should not be stressful.

 Perfect Tool For Sabrage

Investing with well-made champagne sword or saber is the right thing to do. This will prevent you from accidents that can happen during the performance and you will be not anxious every time you saber a champagne because you know that the tool you are holding is safe. This is because, champagne swords and sabers are intended to cut the lip of the bottle. Using the right amount of force and technique does not guarantee perfection and safety when using your kitchen knife. Therefore, for greenhorns, chefs, professionals or for someone like you who wants to learn this technique, it is highly preferred to use champagne saber or sword.


So, you’ve seen some of the most sophisticated champagne saber with sophisticated prices. The Viper Methuselah Damascus Steel Saber for example, is a limited edition of saber that can put Thor’s hammer into shame. It is indeed a very pricey kind of blade because of its rarity, but most of champagne enthusiast and collectors would want this badly. All in all, the blade does not necessarily  mean that it is only exclusively intended  for those people who are eating caviar from their limo. But there are those that are budget friendly such as the Laguiole La Roque, Fox Sciabola del Sommelier, Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae and Berkel Corsaro Wenge.