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The art of sabrage have been said that it was existed during the Napoleonic era. Such chaos happened during those times but, people never forgets on how wonderful life is. Hence, whenever occasion comes, or a day that need to be celebrated, a good way to do that is to uncork a bottle of champagne. It is such an exciting sound whenever you hear the cork is popping up and you see the bubbles that overflow from the bottle. But, when you want more thrilling and a dramatic way to drink a glass of champagne, champagne sabering or sabrage will never fail you.


Using a long sword or sabre is very impressive to watch. You may think that the art needs lots of practices and persistence. But, with the right knowledge about sabering, it can be easy with the correct techniques used. First, you have to understand that there are 5 or 6 kinds of pressures inside the bottle of champagne. This is where the trick is and not the sword itself. Yet, it is necessary to use the proper tool when doing so. Using a kitchen knife might injure you or worse. Thus, champagne sabre or champagne sword is a must when performing or practicing the art. The technique is by tapping the bottle’s weaknesses and allow the pressure from the inside to go out.

Champagne Swords and Sabres

Sabrage is an art and a good way to uncork a bottle of champagne that has been thrilling people all around the world. It is the climax of the occasion where you can see how it is done and witness such a majestic blade that was existed for such a long time from thrusting to performing sabrage and entertains people. In case you are looking for champagne sword or champagne sabre for your collection as a champagne enthusiast, here are some of the finest champagne sabres crafted from the best manufacturers.

Berkel Corno Di Bufalo

Berkel Corno di Bufalo

This blade is crafted from the finest blade manufacturer in Maniago in a small town of North East of Italy. Its imposing looks what makes this champagne sabre worth it. The blade is made from the highest quality of metal and its handle is made from the horn of a buffalo. The product is polished which is obviously not just effective performing sabrage but also a very beautiful display. Such masterpiece can be yours with engraved text for only $530.00

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

This Scimitar looking curved sword can be intimidating by the way it looks. Such piece of a weapon will make the enemies to surrender by the way it looks. Of course, these days, you can only use this when sabering a champagne. It is made from the famous production of knives and blades located in the small town of Maniago. Together with its fancy box, you can have this for only $235.00

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Don’t bother on how to pronounce its name, but you should when you see such a masterpiece. You will say that you must have this one which will make you sleepless at night. This is an amazing champagne sword with its timeless and exclusive design will make you stand and awe. You can have this one for only $180.00