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This Christmas season, you are probably looking for the best gift ever for your friends and loved ones of something that they will remember your deepest regards to them. However, with so many novelty items you can find both offline and online, it is somehow confusing and overwhelming. Moreover, it is somehow difficult to look for something unique. A mobile gadget perhaps, a watch, or a kind of item which makes them special? There are a lot of things you could think of and at the moment, it is certain that you are also thinking about the gifts you are going to receive. If you know someone who likes to collect champagne, wines, and accessories, champagne saber would definitely put a smile on their faces.

Champagne Saber For Gift

Such saber would be a collector’s item that will surely make your dad or your granddaddy valuable. You can even make your personal touch with the use of personalized laser engraver. You can put a message or some words of encouragement. You don’t have to be anxious when buying this piece of art. Back then, sabers are intended for thrusting, but today, champagne sabers are intended for champagne sabering. Which means, the blade is actually blunt and there are no sharp edges on it. Also, you don’t have to worry about how to wrap this kind if a gift. Would it be obvious wrapping the champagne sword without a case right? Well, most of the champagne swords you can find online have special cases which make this gift perfect this holiday season.

Laguiole La Roque

champagne saber

Simple yet elegant, the Laguiole La Roque is an affordable champagne saber which has a simple and authentic design. It can be delivered to you right in front of your doorstep with engraved text of your own choice. Aside from the saber, it also includes a special case that what makes this saber look so good. You can have this for only $85.00. It is certain that your dad will be amazed at what he is about to receive this season.

Berkel Corsaro Wegne

champagne sword

This saber was designed for horse-mounted troops. Just one strike can injure the enemy even if he is wearing his armor. But, today, such saber is now used for champagne sabering. One hit is what you need and you will see how the cork together with the lip of the bottle flies away. Of course, you have to learn the fundamentals of champagne sabering to perfect the art. It also includes a unique case to be delivered to you for only $235.00

Viper Mathusalem Damasco Steel Cocobolo Limited Edition

champagne saber

If money is not an object and all you want is to make your loved ones happy, this blade would be your best gift ever. It is made from Damascus steel with authentic handle pattern using beautiful cocobolo woods. Keep in mind that it can’t be engraved on the blade since Damascus blade is reputed to be tough resistant.